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Photography Alum Discovers New Techniques

Roy Mercon discovers new photography technique

Roy Mercon attempted what no photographer had done before; his groundbreaking discoveries as a photography and film student at Burlington College have caused the recently graduated Alum to uncover mediums others have not yet begun to experiment with before in the photography industry.  Now what you may ask could this newfound technique be?  Well, in simple terms Mercon is known for his fearless act when combining high dynamic range photography with time lapse photography. 

Mercon is now the connoisseur for this particular technique.  His stardom began in Afghanistan as he quickly became a staple photo journalist for all of the major newspapers in the country.  Mercon took numerous photos from the war, which were published in newspapers as local as the Burlington Free Press, all the way to companies like the Boston Globe.   

“I am very fortunate to have been on the ground floor of Burlington College as I learned different methods in the photography and film major I had not yet experimented with,” said Mercon in response to how being a Burlington College graduate has helped him along the way. 

His experimentation with photography while at war caused the young photo journalist to test the boundaries when developing new ideas to help improve his photos and inspire people. 

The Purpose to His Work

People around the world have always contemplated the purpose of photography.  Through several interpretations over the years, it has become apparent that the purpose is to capture the essence of human emotion.  Mercon used his humanitarian perspective in order to take photos that spoke the truth of war and its effects, causing his work to be used by many famous newspaper companies. 

The Successful Alum

Mercon’s next big venture is to go back to Burlington College to receive his Masters, while developing a marketing campaign with the skills he has learned thus far as a photography and film graduate.  
If there were a Facebook page dedicated to the rising stars at Burlington College, Mercon would definitely be on the list.  His inspiring discovery in the photography industry has given the rule-breaking graduate a solid foundation for future success in the photography industry.  The term “dare to be different” has a whole new meaning in the eyes of this man with a big plan to get his work out to the world and inspire his fans to test the boundaries and experiment as he has done while using photos to speak messages others cannot begin to articulate. 

  • Jul 22 2013