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Burlington Colleges has enter into a consortium agreement with St Michaels College and Champlain College, which will allow students to take classes at all three colleges .

Three Burlington-Area Colleges

Agree to Share Courses

Champlain, Saint Michael’s and Burlington Colleges

Expand Student Choices

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Champlain College, Saint Michael’s College and Burlington College have entered into a consortium agreement which will allow students at each institution to register for courses at any of the three colleges for no additional charge.

Over recent months, Vermont colleges have been exploring opportunities for developing consortiums through the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC). Champlain College President David F. Finney, Saint Michael’s College President Jack J. Neuhauser, and Burlington College President Jane O’Meara Sanders, had been collaborating on this broader question and decided to start with this new program as a first step. Champlain College President Finney said he believes the expanded program will benefit all three institutions and could serve as a model for other Vermont colleges and universities to work more closely together through AVIC.

Known in higher education as cross-college registration, this new agreement will allow students to take, for instance, music or foreign language classes offered at Saint Michael’s, computer or design courses at Champlain, and film or photography courses at Burlington College.

“Our proximity to each other and the different course offerings at each of our schools make this a great way to enhance our students’ experience and learning while enabling our individual institutions to keep our own unique qualities,” Finney explained.

Saint Michael’s President Neuhauser said, “By demonstrating that we can share a curriculum we not only expand what is available to our respective students now but we also help set the tone for future course planning as well as other cooperative endeavors.”

Burlington College’s President Sanders noted, “The consortium approach will result in greater access and affordability for students, as the colleges explore opportunities to collaborate on administrative as well as academic initiatives. Going forward, this may include professional development, purchasing and instructional technology.”

All three college presidents agree that through collaboration, students and faculty will be able to share the best aspects of all three colleges. They expect the program will offer economic benefits as well, by helping to slow the escalating costs of higher education through sharing and elimination of unnecessary duplication of efforts.

While all three institutions have made the cross-registration available for the Spring 2010 semester, registration and advising officials expect it will not be fully utilized by students until the fall 2010 semester, since many students have already signed up for their spring classes.

Among the requirements to participate in the cross-college registration:

  • Only degree-seeking, undergraduate students, attending as at least three-quarters or full-time student are eligible.
  • Students must be in good academic standing as determined by their home institution.
  • Students must meet pre-requirements for the course. Any questions about pre-requirements are referred to the dean, department chair or program director for verification.
  • A student’s faculty advisor is given authority to approve or deny the course choice prior to registration.
  • Limited to one course per student, per term, on a space available basis.
  • Student receives a true grade for their coursework, not just a “T” for transfer credit.
  • Available space in classes will be determined at a pre-set deadline by each college.
  • Only campus-based courses are eligible. Not online courses.
  • No payment is exchanged between institutions.

For more information about the program:
Burlington College:
Champlain College:
Saint Michael’s College:
Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC):

For additional information, please contact:

  • Stephen Mease, Champlain College Public Information & News Director,
    (802) 865-6432 / smeaseatchamplain [dot] edu (smease [at]
  • Gillian Homsted, Director of Admissions, Burlington College
    (802) 862-9616 / ghomstedatburlington [dot] edu (ghomsted [at]
  • Buff Lindau, Director of Marketing & Communications, Saint Michael's College
    (802) 654-2536 / blindauatsmcvt [dot] edu (blindau [at]
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