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Thanks for your interest in applying to Burlington College

Burlington College's application process is highly personalized and holistic. The College believes that the best assessment of an individual's ability to succeed and benefit from our programs results not only from an evaluation of written materials that are part of an application file, but through meaningful communication with the applicant.

Undergraduate Programs
Above all, Burlington College treats students as individuals—individuals with important contributions to make to the intellectual spirit of the college community. Working in small discussion-centered classes, generally of between eight and 15 members, students come to know each other and themselves—well.

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Burlington College also accepts the Common Application and considers both forms equally. We have recently been experiencing issues with the Common App. Please call our admissions office with any questions or concerns about your application. 802-862-8616

Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs
BFA programs at Burlington College introduce students to foundational fine arts disciplines, the historical development of the arts, ways of thinking that encompass multiple disciplines, and the creative application of fine arts processes. To be accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, students are required to complete the standard Application or the Common Application and submit a portfolio for review.

Distance Learning
Distance Learning offers flexibility for self-directed, independent, and mature students to complete their degree by working individually with their instructors through independent-study courses. Please visit our Distance Learning page for more information.

Master of Arts in Individualized Studies
The Individualized Masters Degree is a 36-credit program that culminates in a nine-credit capstone project. Our low-residency program includes a week-long residency here in Burlington, Vermont. You will work with an academic advisor in collaboration with faculty in your chosen field of study to craft a specialized degree plan.

Download the Master of Arts in Individualized Studies Application

Application Deadlines
Burlington College accepts applications on a rolling basis. In general, this means that an application is evaluated and a decision is made within two weeks of the application becoming complete. Freshmen and transfer applicants may be considered for both the fall and spring semesters. In some cases, summer start dates may be considered. There is no official deadline for the submission of applications. However, scholarships, college financial aid and spaces in each class are limited, so students are encouraged to apply no later than May 1 for the fall semester and no later than December 15 for the spring semester. An application for admission is required of anyone who wishes to matriculate and enroll in a program of study leading to an academic degree or certificate.

For information about all of Burlington College programs, please contact:


Admissions Office at Burlington College
351 North Avenue
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 800-862-9616
Fax: 802-660-4331
E-mail: admissionsatburlington [dot] edu