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Passion for creativity and a love the fine arts is very much a part of the Burlington College culture. Our small college setting in Burlington, Vermont has much to offer our creative arts students in the way of inspiration, exploration and cultural venues. We challenge students to achieve high levels of written, oral, and artistic communication; critical and reflective thinking; creativity; and social, historical, and scientific awareness. Students share responsibility with their teachers and academic advisors for planning and pursuing their studies and evaluating their work.

We help students acquire knowledge and develop skills that will allow them to build meaningful livelihood. We prepare our students to act guided by social consciousness and self-awareness in the local, national, and global communities where they study, work, and live.

Fine Arts Degrees @ Burlington College

Graphic Design - Bachelors of Fine Arts
Looking for a small art college experience offering a fine arts degree in Graphic Design Students learn to organize and communicate their creative vision in the ever-changing world of print, digital & interactive media.
Graphic Design - Associates of Arts
Associates of Arts in Graphic Design An A.A. Degree in Graphic Design is a 60-credit  degree program in liberal arts with a concentration in graphic design.
Interdisciplinary Arts - Bachelors of Fine Arts BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts  Degree Program
This degree program enables students to develop visual and creative abilities essential to their professional success.
Fine Arts
Vermont art school: Explore your creativty in a Fine Arts Degree program The Fine Arts major is designed to provide broad foundations in the arts as well as the opportunity to focus in one area
The Photography Degree program explore the fine art of photography This program combines rigorous instruction in craft and technique coupled with a personalized approach
Photography - Bachelors of Fine Arts
Earn Bachelors of fine arts degree in Photography degree at a creative arts school setting This program requires students to move across disciplinary boundaries and also to become highly skilled in the craft of photography.
Expressive Arts
Expressive Arts Therapy degree explores how the fine arts heal the body, mind & soul The arts can transform our lives: they can tell hard truths, resolve terrible conflicts, and bring communities together.
Media Activism
Media Activism can focus on photography, graphic design or other art degrees Students can focus their area of study in Graphic Design, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Documentaries or Activism.
Woodworking and Fine Furniture Making - Bachelors of Fine Arts One of only handful of Woodworking College programs in the Northeast This program is designed for individuals looking for a career in furniture-making and wood industry or an wood artisan.
Woodworking and Furniture-Making Certificate
Furniture-Making Certificate consists of 30 credits of woodworking classes This 30 credit certificate is designed to be completed in 2 semesters of full time work, or 4 semesters of part time work.
Advanced Fine Furniture-Making
Explore your creativity at one of the New Englands only woodworking colleges. The Advanced Certificate in Fine Furniture-Making is designed for students who want to continue their learning beyond their Certificate or Associates
Woodworking and Fine Furniture Making
Learn the craft of fine furniture-making at the Woodworking SchoolAn Associate of Arts degree in Craftsmanship and Design with a concentration in Woodworking and Fine Furniture Making


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