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Subject Arts & Sciences III includes journals in languages and literature, as well as essential titles in the fields of music, film studies, folklore, performing arts, religion, and the history and study of art and architecture. Additional interdisciplinary titles broaden the scope of coverage to include folklore, feminist & women's studies.
Dates of Coverage varies by title, generally 1990s - present; some coverage back to 1900s.
Data Type Citations, Abstracts, and full-text.
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Wildcards take the place of one or more characters in a search term. A question mark ? is used for single character searching. An asterisk * is used for multiple character searching. Wildcards are used to search for alternate spellings and variations on a root word. Wildcard characters cannot be used in place of the first letter of a word or within an exact phrase search.

A search on bird* finds bird, birding, birdman, birds, and other words that start with bird-

Phrase Searching Use quotation marks to search for a phrase "climate change"
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