Add/Drop Policies

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See also Business Office Refund Policies, Financial Aid: Collections and Refunds section and Financial Aid Adjustments for Students Who Withdraw section.

All students may add or drop classes without penalties during the Free Add/Drop period of any semester. Students may withdraw without academic penalty any time prior to the end of the fifth week of classes in the fall and spring semester calendars, and the end of the third week of classes in the summer semester calendar; applicable financial refund periods are in effect after the Free Add/Drop period.

Students who wish to add or withdraw from a course or other learning activity at Burlington College must make the request in writing. This is accomplished by meeting with an academic advisor and completing a change of registration form; non-matriculated students meet with the Dean.

If a student withdraws from a learning activity at any time during the Free Add/Drop period, no record of dropped activities is retained and there is no financial or academic penalty for withdrawing from the activities. After the Free Add/Drop period, a record of enrollment in the learning activity is retained, and students should be aware of academic and financial penalties. (For information on financial penalties, see Business Office Refund Policies.)

Students have two weeks in the fall and spring semesters, and one week in the summer semester as a Free Add/Drop period, regardless of the start date of the learning activity within the semester, unless otherwise noted in the course listing. Students should refer to the College website for specific semester dates. During the Free Add/Drop period, students may add, drop, or change any course or learning activity (not specified as an exception in the Course Bulletin or online course listing) without financial penalty. Note that no student will be allowed to attend a campus-based learning activity for the first time after the second week of classes; therefore, students who are considering changing their course schedules must attend the classes in which they wish to enroll during the second week. Students who drop a learning activity and add another after the 100 percent refund period expires are given the stated refund for the dropped activity and are charged the full tuition for the added course. Students must apply in writing to the Business Office for their tuition refund. There is a $100 administrative fee for each learning activity dropped after the Free Add/Drop period.

There is no academic penalty for official withdrawals from learning activities prior to the end of the fifth week of classes in the fall and spring semester calendars, and the end of the third week of classes in the summer semester calendar. Students may petition the ARC for no academic penalty for withdrawals after the designated periods with acceptable documentation (medical or death in immediate family) and statements from each instructor that satisfactory academic progress was being made in each learning activity at the time of the withdrawal/last date of attendance. The decision of the ARC in such cases is final.

Distance learning and graduate students who wish to drop out after registering for and attending the residency may be subject to a penalty fee. See Business Office Refund Policies for full details.