Additional Student Services Policies and Procedures

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Academic Counseling and Tutoring Services
For academic counseling in degree planning, skills development, and resolving individual issues, see your academic advisor; non-matriculated students should see the Academic Coordinator. Individual tutoring in areas such as writing and mathematics is available at the College. There may be an extra charge for tutoring in study skills, time management, and specific subject areas. Speak to your academic advisor about accessing these services.

Children at Burlington College
Children are welcome to visit the College on occasion, so long as they are supervised and do not create a disturbance that prevents employees or students from accomplishing their business. Children should not be brought to class. Staff and faculty members should not be asked to provide childcare.

Computing Services
A PC computer lab with personal computers, printers, and a variety of software is open during the week, including evenings and weekends when classes are in session. Support staff is available during most hours for instruction, problem solving, and answering questions. All students receive an e-mail account and have access to the Internet. IMPORTANT: Students are expected to check their Burlington College email accounts several times per week as many instructors and staff members utilize this form of communication for their primary mode of communication with students. Wireless service may also be available throughout the main campus building.

Cultural Events
The College posts a master calendar for the year, listing various cultural and extra-curricular opportunities offered by the Institute for Civic Engagement, student organizations, other college departments, and the community at large. Specific information about many of these events, including film series, coffeehouses, museum and gallery trips, guest speakers, and vouchers to cultural events, are posted around the College. Information about community services, housing, transportation, child care, personal budgeting, bookstores, libraries, and the Burlington area is available through the Student Services Office, as are tips for making the best use of resources at Burlington College and in the community at large. See also Student Activities.

Dress Code
Burlington College recognizes the right of the individual to express him or herself in the area of grooming and attire; however, all students must wear shirts and shoes. Any student who wears attire that causes a disruption or distraction from normal college functions may be asked to leave campus until he or she obtains appropriate attire. Please note that this also includes issues of personal hygiene, use of cologne/perfume, or other issues of grooming and/or attire that may cause a disruption or distraction to others.

Financial Aid Counseling
Information and counseling for individuals and groups is available with the Director of Financial Aid.

A complete copy of housing policies is available in the Burlington College Housing Agreement Terms and Conditions, available from the Director of Student Services and on the College website.

Mailboxes at BC are considered confidential repositories. Tampering with any person’s (student, staff, or faculty) mailbox could be grounds for disciplinary action. Student mailboxes are located in the student lounge on the third floor of the building. BC mailboxes are to be used for BC-related materials or information only. Students are responsible for picking up their mail each week, as this is a primary method of intra-college communication. No personal mail should be sent to students at this address. Faculty and staff mailboxes are located on the 2nd floor in the administrative work area.

New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation is required of all new students. Time is spent getting acquainted, building community, learning about Burlington College’s educational philosophy and practices, and furthering self-understanding. While there are information sessions to prepare students for their academic careers at Burlington College, other activities bring together students, new and returning, and members of the faculty and staff to celebrate the beginning of the school year and the introduction of the new students to the BC community.

Parking is available in the parking lot for cars with a Burlington College sticker. Students should register at the front desk to get a permit sticker. At least two handicapped parking spaces are available nearest the front door. Persons eligible to use these spaces must have state-approved tags or permanent registration plates. Any persons using these spaces without such plates will be towed at their own expense. Overnight parking is prohibited without permission of the director of Physical Plant. Any vehicle parked overnight, illegally, or parked without a visitor pass or permit sticker will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Pet Policy
No pets other than service animals are allowed in the building.

Smoking Policy
In accordance with law, Burlington College is a nonsmoking institution. Smoking is not allowed within College vehicles and buildings, including residences. Smoking is permitted outdoors on College property, in designated areas or at least 15 feet from buildings, with the exception of areas where safety, health, or pedestrian traffic-flow are overriding considerations.

Violations of the Smoking Policy will be addressed in the following manner:

  1. The first offense will result in a verbal warning and a written notice sent to the Director of Student Services.
  2. The second offense will result in a $50.00 fine and written notification to the student with a copy in the Director of Student Services file.
  3. The third offense will result in a fine of $100.00.

Subsequent infractions will result with fines increasing by $100.00 increments. Chronic abuse of this rule may result in a referral to the Judicial Review Board. Fines will be assessed by the Business Office and must be paid prior to the end of semester, graduation, or release of transcripts. Re-enrollment will not occur until payment is satisfied.

Please use the appropriate receptacles for your cigarette butts—not the ground. To avoid fire, please do not put paper waste into the cigarette butt receptacles.

Solicitation/Canvassing and Fund Raising on Campus
The distribution or display of political, social, religious, or other promotional material on campus is limited to the Community Bulletin Board. IMPORTANT: These materials may not be distributed through the campus mailboxes or email system. Materials deemed offensive by the Director of Student Services, those that result in complaints of harassment, or those that violate this policy, will be removed.

Student Records
Please see the Registrar with any request to review a student record. See also FERPA Policy.

Telephones and Phone Messages
Students should not use staff phones without permission (this includes the front desk reception area). The front desk receptionist will not take personal student messages unless it is an emergency. The receptionist will accept phone messages from students who are contacting their instructor or a staff member. Students on-site are encouraged to use mailboxes in order to leave written messages for fellow students and faculty. Students may leave written messages for faculty and staff in the appropriate mailbox on the second floor.