Administrative Committees

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The Academic Programs Committee
The Academic Programs Committee (APC) is appointed by the President and usually consists of chairs of academic departments, lead faculty, and the academic coordinator and others as invited to participate. This committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs, and is responsible for developing curriculum, and making recommendations to the President on academic programs and policy. The recommendations of APC are regularly reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board.

The Academic Review Committee
The Academic Review Committee (ARC) is appointed by the President and chaired by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs. It is responsible for approving academic petitions and acting on student requests for waivers of administrative requirements.

The Assessment Committee
The Assessment Committee, comprised of the department heads and the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, develops criteria, structures, and procedures, to assess learning requirements and outcomes. It makes its recommendations to the Academic Programs Committee for approval and implementation.

The Faculty/Staff Council
This committee was created at the request of the Board of Trustees to ensure the collective faculty and staff voice is heard. All staff and standing faculty are members of the committee, with the exception of the College President and members of the President’s Council. Meetings are held at least once per month. There is a rotating schedule of meeting moderators and minute-takers. Minutes of these meetings are shared with the President’s Council and the Board of Trustees.