The Advanced Furniture-Making Certificate fine tunes students skills in woodworking.

Advanced Fine Furniture-Making

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One a only a few accredited furniture making schools in New England.

The College also offers an Advanced Certificate in Fine Furniture Making.  This 24-credit certificate is designed for those students who want to continue their learning beyond the 30-credit Certificate or the Associate of Arts Degree in Woodworking and Fine Furniture Making. Completion of either the Certificate or the AA degree is required as a prerequisite. As with the Certificate and AA Degree programs, coursework for the Advanced Certificate is taught at the Vermont Woodworking School, located in Fairfax Vermont.


The Woodworking School’s Facilities

The Woodworking School's modern facilities are located in a completely renovated historic barn in Fairfax, VT, some 20 miles from the campus. This close proximity allows students to enroll in a “mix” of woodworking courses and on-campus courses during the same semester.

Advanced Certificate in Fine Furniture-Making Requirements

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Certificate in Mastery of Fine Furniture-making or the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies: Concentration in Woodworking and Fine Furniture-making.

Intermediate level Required - 3

FRN204 – Business and Computer Marketing for Artisans - 3

Upper-level  Required - 18

FRN302 – Models, Mock-ups, and Multiples - 6
FRN304 – Chairs - 6
FRN320 – Furniture Elements I - 3
FRN325 – Furniture Elements II - 3


Internship - 3

FRN303 – Action Learning Seminar for Wood Artisans -

Total Credits: 24


The Advanced Certificate in Fine Furniture-Making is designed for students who want to continue their learning beyond their Certificate or Associates