Antony Galbraith | Writing, Literature, Fine Art

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BA in Philosophy and Writing (SUNY Oswego)
MFA in creative writing with an emphasis on Fairy Tale literature. (Goddard College)

Antony Galbraith writes, paints and works with fiber. 

While pursuing his interests in painting and writing from an early age, it wasn’t until the year 2000, after he began a serious practice of yoga and Buddhism, that his creative interests became a spiritual path.  He spent two years learning traditional Asian brush painting, which led to exploring the interstices between nature and myth and the ways to create a living mythic tradition relevant to contemporary life.  More recently, he has devoted time to working in traditional and contemporary fiber arts, such as spinning, knitting and needle-felting.  His goal is to bring ancient craft traditions to fine art standards, while examining the fairy tale and mythic roots of fiber arts. His interests include, but are not limited to: creative and genre writing, myth and fairy tale; nature; sustainability in art, culture and society; drinking tea; and the empowerment of independent artists. His paintings and wool sculptures are in private collections throughout the US, Europe and Asia.