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Individuals not enrolled in a degree program at Burlington College may register for most of the learning activities listed in the Course Bulletin as auditors. Fully matriculated Burlington College students may also audit courses in addition to their credit-bearing course loads. A course that is audited does not yield college credit or a grade, and tuition is charged at the applicable rate. Changes to allow credit for courses audited after an enrollment period are not permitted. Due to enrollment limitations or subject matter, some classes are not available for audit, and enrollment priority is given first to matriculated students.

Auditors are encouraged to participate in class activities, but are not required to complete coursework. Instructors do not evaluate auditors at the end of the semester. Auditors do not have access to student services such as academic advising, financial aid, and tutoring resources. Upon request, auditors may access computer and Burlington College Library resources, but not Inter-library loan or other outside resources (UVM library, etc.), unless separate payment arrangements are made through the Business Office. Auditors register through the Admissions Office, and are informally advised by the Academic Coordinator during their enrollment period.