Bachelor of Arts

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The College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in various majors. Wide exploration in general education is combined with focused study and an internship within the major, culminating in a two-semester Degree Project completed during the final year. Students admitted to the College who intend to pursue a B.A. must submit an acceptable midpoint portfolio in order to advance to upper-level study toward completion of the degree.

It has long been a tradition at Burlington College for students to design majors that meet their own particular needs and interests. Today, a significant number of our students work with their advisors to individualize a major. The Individualized Major can be a variation on one of the College’s existing majors or it can be a course of study unique to the student’s interests. Click for more details about Individualized Major.

Bachelors of Arts - Fine Arts

The Photography  Degree explore the fine art of photography
This program combines rigorous instruction in craft and technique coupled with a personalized approach
Expressive Arts
Expressive Arts Therapy explores how the fine arts heal the body, mind & soul
The arts can transform our lives: they can tell hard truths, resolve terrible conflicts, and bring communities together.
Media Activism
Media Activism can focus on photography, graphic design or other art degrees
Students can focus their area of study in Graphic Design, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Documentaries or Activism.
Fine Arts
Vermont art school: Explore your creativty in the Fine Arts Degree program
The Fine Arts major is designed to provide broad foundations in the arts as well as the opportunity to focus in one area

Bachelors of Arts - Film Studies

Documentary Studies - Bachelors
Documentary Studies degree
The purpose of Documentary Studies is straightforward: to tell stories about people's lives as truthfully and effectively as possible
Cinema Studies & Film Production
Cinemas Studies & Film Production degree
Cinema Studies and Film Production is a 120-credit program that embeds a fully-articulated program in cinema studies and film production

Bachelors of Arts - Humanities

Writing & Literature
Writing and Literature Bachelors
This program provides a way for writers to explore many kinds of writing and literature and work on both expressiveness and craft in a supportive community.
Study of the Americas
Study of the Americas
The Study of the Americas Program emphasizes the interdependence of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.
Screenwriting - Certificate
Screenwriting Certificate
The Certificate in Screenwriting is a 12-credit program of interested people who would like to learn the fundamentals of screenwriting.

Bachelors of Arts

Hospitality and Event Management
Hospitality and Event Management
The Hospitality and Event Management program places an emphasis on group experiential learning throughout the program courses.