Bachelor of Fine Arts Portfolio Submission

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For your BFA portfolio, please submit three (3) of the following options of any type of two- or three dimensional work you have completed recently. Please do not mail physical portfolios, nor email the digital copies.  The complete file size can be no more than 40mb:

  • A .mov clip of less than five minutes. The subject can be a full piece or excerpt, and can be any subject or genre.
  • Eight (8) photographs – either black and white or color, and either film or digital.
  • Three to five (3 -5) life drawings – either figure or still life.
  • Three to five (3 - 5) design compositions – 2 dimensional
  • Three to five (3 - 5) images of 3 dimensional work  (wood, ceramics, sculpture, glass, metal etc.)
  • Three to five (3-5) paintings in any medium.

We suggest that the work reflect your interests, experience and abilities in the arts to date. It may be in any media, may be finished or in sketch form, and may be the result of an assigned class project or a self-directed exploration.

Your portfolio must be submitted as digital image files on a CD or data DVD. Each image in your digital portfolio should be submitted as a separate file in .jpg format. Time-based work or performance pieces may be submitted as QuickTime or .mpg files on a CD or data DVD. We do not accept portfolio submissions of work posted to a website. The only exception is for time based work larger than 40mb.

Be sure to include a work description sheet. Number the examples you are submitting and on your description page list the corresponding number, medium, size, date of completion and title for each work. It is very important that your full name and address be clearly noted on each CD or DVD and description page submitted.