Beyond the Classroom

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At Burlington College, we believe the education process should extend beyond the classroom. Our Academic and Student Life departments are committed to providing life-enriching experiences for our students.

Degree Project by Film School Student

Degree Project

All graduating students at Burlington College complete a Degree Project; a 6-credit, culminating work in their area of study. Depending on the major, the project may consist of creative work (i.e., a film, manuscript or series of photographs) or a research-based paper.


Queen City Review is literary and fine arts publication put out yearly by Burlington College

Queen City Review

The Queen City Review is a yearly journal of art and literature and accepts the work of new and established writers and artists in the areas of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, photography and fine art, as well as essays and criticism on all aspects of the aforementioned. We seek to publish high-quality work that ranges broadly in topic and genre.


Study abroad in Havanna Cuba or the Bahamas

Study Abroad

In addition to regularly scheduled travel experiences, such as our Havana, Cuba Study Abroad program, other study abroad options are available. Students get the experience of being immersed in the culture of their host country and also have the unique opportunity to work closely with our faculty.


The Institute for Civic Engagement provides a bridge between the academic community and the resources and voices of the community around us.

The Institute for Civic Engagement

The Institute is a consortium of scholars, engaged citizens, artists, scientists, writers and students dedicated to the ideals of participatory community involvement and the essential importance of an informed, critical and active citizenry.



The Legal Clinic gives our Legal and Justice & Paralegal studies students a chance use what they have learned.


The Legal Clinic at Burlington College
This free service is offered in association with the Vermont Bar Foundation, Law-line of Vermont, Women Helping Battered Women and the Caroline Fund. The clinic provides legal advice and services to local residents, many of  whom have limited incomes that prevent them from being able to attain a private attorney.  Students majoring in Legal and Justice work along-side a professional attorney in assisting local residents with their legal matters.