Brendan Donaghey

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Brendan is a graduate of the Burlington College class of 2010 with a major in Writing and Literature.  His degree project focused on the role of authority in the classroom drawing upon the pedagogical theories of Allan Bloom, Jane Tompkins, Martha Nussbaum, Myles Horton, and Paulo Freire.  While an undergraduate Brendan served on the Board of Trustees as a student representative.  After his graduation he was offered a position on the board as a community/alumni member and currently serves as Board Secretary.  Brendan is also involved with the Academic Affairs, Development, and Executive Committees.  He is currently enrolled in the English Masters Program at the University of Vermont and intends on pursuing a PhD in English on his way to becoming a college professor.  His main area of interest is 18th-19th century British Romanticism, with a focus on the poetry of William Wordsworth.  He also greatly enjoys the Gothic, Horror, and Magical Realism genres of fiction.  Outside of reading, Brendan enjoys writing both prose and poetry, one of his short stories, Walter's Story, appeared in the Fall 2009 edition of The Queen City Review.