Bryan Shealer

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Title: First Year Student Advisor
Education: BA, International Relations & German from Ursinus College
Current Place of Residence: South Burlington, VT
Hometown: Gettysburg, PA


Bryan has worked in higher education for 8 years and hopes to continue his work advising students for many more.  He began his work as an International Student Advisor and has worked in International Admissions, Academic Advising, and First Year Advising at institutions in Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska and Vermont.   He is extremely excited to take on the challenge of First Year Advising at Burlington College – such an important part of student success.

Bryan is a proud native of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania but has lived and worked in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, St. Paul, Omaha, Munich, and London.  He now lives in South Burlington with his husband Brian, son Everett, and dog Murphy.  Like so many, he has fallen in love with Vermont and hopes to stick around for the long haul.  He sings in the chorus of the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra, enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, day trips, and spending time with his family.

What do you like most about Burlington College?

Burlington College is really a unique place in many ways and is an institution where I am lucky to be able to make a large impact.  I really appreciate the fact that the college is based in student-centered learning and that we are most definitely not a “cookie cutter” college.  It’s a place that I can believe in because of our educational philosophy and the amazing people that make it all happen.  Our students are incredibly creative, uniquely smart and ready to learn in meaningful ways.  As an advisor, I really appreciate the genuinely close contact that students have with faculty, staff and with each other. 

Our campus is incredibly small and that opens up amazing possibility for students to explore their academic goals in very flexible ways.  It also creates an environment where students get involved in the community and can explore all that Burlington has to offer.  I especially love our new campus and am incredibly excited for the new possibilities that lie ahead as we carefully craft the Burlington College of the future.  My favorite place on campus is to climb up in the cupola – the views are simply outstanding and remind me of what I love most about Burlington and Vermont. 

Where can we find you when you’re not working? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

I enjoy taking day trips during the weekends and Vermont provides lots of opportunity for a beautiful drive in the country.  If we’re not driving somewhere, I’m usually found in the garden or working around the house.  We also travel often to visit family and friends.  I enjoy eating out so you may find me having lunch or dinner at Church Street or a restaurant around town.  Since my son Everett was born, we spend a lot of time playing with him and watching him grow.

Provide an interesting or random fact about yourself.

I was smuggled in to Egypt and have been inside the great Pyramid at Giza.  One of my goals is still to actually make it all the way through “Zehn Bier Abend”.