Burlington College Partners with South Burlington High School's Big Picture Program

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Burlington College announces their newfound partnership with Burlington High School's Big Picture Program.

"Philosophically our two institutions are in complete synch with one another.  Both programs believe in helping students maximize their potential through a supportive environment deeply-rooted in dialogue, interaction and perspective taking, led by amazing faculty and staff," said Dr. St. Onge, Dean of Burlington College.

Burlington College President, Christine Plunkett and St. Onge worked with Jason Cushner, Program Coordinator of the Big Picture Program to arrange a partnership to support educational attainment for Vermont students, while giving them the opportunity to gain college credits at Burlington College.

"It is this opportunity for early access and success that can determine a student's likelihood of pursuing a college education," said Plunkett.  "Burlington College is particularly well suited to provide these opportunities, due to our small size and student-centered learning environment."

The Big Picture Program at South Burlington High School is a program where students from the area, or any other regional high school, are able to work with faculty to define their own individualized curriculum based on their passions, skills and individualized learning goals.  Within the program, students learn how to operate film equipment, conduct interviews and edit footage. 

"This is a great opportunity for high school students to work with an innovative college to see what it would be like, while having the opportunity to gain college credits as a high school student," says Cushner. 

The main goal for the partnership is to allow high school students to gain experience working with the Big Picture Program, while obtaining college credits at Burlington College. The partnership will allow high school students to explore their interests and develop ideas they can take with them as they move closer to graduation. 

"Those students who qualify for this opportunity will earn college credits through Vermont's dual enrollment legislation, and they will also be guaranteed admission into Burlington College once they graduate from the Big Picture Program," says St. Onge.

Burlington College is committed to its original mission; that of integrating, learning, personal development and engagement in the community into a comprehensive educational experience that puts students at the center of the learning process.

Both Plunkett and St. Onge emphasize the importance of the community to the College's future and its students.  By introducing the partnership to the community, both the College and Cushner hope to increase participation in the program and give students the chance to transform creative thoughts into projects they can use when obtaining a higher degree.  

For more information on the Big Picture Program, please contact Jason Cushner, Program Coordinator at Jasonatbigpicturesb [dot] net


Burlington College Partners with South Burlington High School's Big Picture Program