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The mission of Burlington College is to guide students to become skillful and reflective practitioners, lifelong learners, and active citizens engaged in fostering a just, humane society and sustainable, beautiful communities.

What is Campus Burlington?

Let’s face it, BC is a very small school.  And while that’s great for a lot of reasons – small classes, close relationships with faculty/staff, and a strong student-centered approach to learning – it’s not possible to have hundreds of student groups, clubs and sports teams directly on campus.  But with so much available right outside our front door in Burlington, we wouldn’t need them even if we were ten times our size!  As a Burlington College student, you embrace the idea of accessing the community to get involved in ways that interest you.  Through the greater community, you are able to have fun, make a difference, make new connections with other students, and develop relationships with community members.  The benefits of engagement in the broader community are quite powerful.

Community engagement is part of our mission and we embrace this in many different ways.  From participation in the Women’s Pick-Up Soccer League, skiing at “Smuggs”, or volunteering for Outright Vermont, students are involved and having fun in the community.   That’s what Campus Burlington is all about.  It is recognition that the Burlington College campus is more than just the physical building and land that we attend classes in.  Our “campus” is really all of Burlington.  We are Campus Burlington.

Just like any campus, Campus Burlington is a living and ever-changing resource that will change from semester to semester and year to year.   Our list of Campus “Points” will grow and change just as our students grow and change.  They will become involved in new and exciting community organizations, activities, places and events.  What you currently find on this list is a place to start.  It reflects what current students are participating in and is a way to share those connections with others to get involved.  

Get started here.   Get involved.  Have some fun.  Study.  Explore all that is available in Campus Burlington. Download Campus Points.


Be a Student Contact

We are looking for Student, Faculty or Staff Contacts to be associated with each Campus Point.  If you are involved in one of the listed places or just know a lot about it and would like to be the student contact, please email the bshealeratburlington [dot] edu (Campus Burlington Coordinator).  Student contacts are simply a resource for other students who may have questions or just want to talk to someone about how they can be involved.  It’s a way to promote your interest and help other students get involved.!


Suggest a Campus Point

Are you involved in a community organization, athletic league, or have a particular activity that is not currently a part of Campus Burlington?  Or, do you have an interest and are not sure where to go?   Please submit your suggestions here!