Cinema Studies & Film Production - BFA

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Cinema Studies & Film Production Degree Program Overview

The Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies and Film Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies and Film Production program provides students with relevant technical skills while fostering the student's development as a creative artist. The student's personal interest in filmmaking is nurtured in light of a range of historical models, contemporary, and emerging contexts. The program sets high standards of structural sophistication, technical excellence, and artistic ambitiousness as part of the curriculum. The BFA includes an additional foundation of interdisciplinary arts requirements in design, drawing and photography, an advanced professional seminar, and an emphasis on the filmmaker as an independent auteur. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree positions the filmmaker to develop a personal style and a distinctly individual voice.

Cinema Studies & Film Production Degree Requirements

Entry Level (100): 6 credits
FIN111- Color and Composition
CIN 150- Film Production I                                        

Required 1 of 3
FIN113- Drawing as Communication                         
WAL220-Creative Writing                              
PHO240-Photographic Communication           

Arts in Context: 6 Credits
COR201 Art History I or Cor202 Art History II          
CIN100 Intro to Cinema Studies         

Interdisciplinary Arts: 3 Credits 
HUM2XX Thinking and Achieving Through Craft
HUM302 Topics in Art History
HUM371 Arts and Social Change
HUM376 The Avant Garde: Paradoxes of Modernism
COR337-Ways of Seeing

Intermediate   Level: 12 Creditsa
CIN 252 Film Production II    
CIN 200 Light and Shadows   
CIN 281 Non Linear Editing   
GDS273 Web Design 1 or Web Publishing

Electives: 24 Credits
3 credits in each category below with +9 additional upper level in any category
Post Production
Cinema Studies
Cinema Culture

Upper Level: 15 Credits

WAL331-Search and Research           
Professional Seminar   CIN356-Creative Producing
Internship: 3 credits
Film Studies Degree Project I & II (3 credits each): 6 credits   

Total Credits: 69


This program provides students with technical skills while fostering their development as a creative artist.