Civic Scholars

Printer-friendly versionA small group of exceptionally engaged and articulate students will have the opportunity to participate more deeply in the development, research, and presentation of the lecture symposia. By researching, reading, and discussing the issues of each week’s subject, the students will be prepared to ask relevant and critical questions and to present analyses of the material to the community. These analyses may then be published as op-ed pieces and presented on local radio and television programs. The combined involvement (community interaction, public service, consciousness raising, research, analysis, discussion, writing, oral presentation) will be in the form of an honors seminar for credit, organized and overseen by faculty members on the ICE.

Burlington College Civic Scholars are those students enrolled in the Civic Scholar Seminar. The seminar will enable students from different disciplines to participate and respond to each semester’s Institute for Civic Engagement lectures. Depending on the number of credits, students will, at the least, attend all Wednesday night lectures for the semester (approximately 8 evenings) and three class sessions, or, for more credit, create a project response (analysis, creative non-fiction, film, art, documentary photography, social activism, or other) to a deeper analysis of the issues under discussion and/or internship work. On the agenda for the spring: essential roles in a democracy, city planning and zoning, peak oil, and health care delivery.

Prerequisite: permission of students’ advisors and Institute for Civic Engagement board. Faculty: Sandy Baird