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Focus Topics

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Focus: The Cuban Legal System
Cuban lawyers, judges and professors of the law will present the following lectures,
presentations and engagement discussions.

The Cuban Political System: Constitutional Framework, Governmental Organization,
and the Electoral System

  • Environmental Law
  • Cuban Judicial System
  • Criminal Law: The Penal Code and Criminal Procedure
  • The Teaching of Law in Cuba
  • Civil Code: Trial work
  • Trade and Foreign Investment
  • Family Law
  • International Law: The U.S./Cuba Conflict: The U.S. Embargo, the Torcelli and Helms Burton Acts

Focus: The U.S. Legal System
U.S. legal professionals including faculty and staff of the Burlington College Cuba Program will present the following lectures, presentations and engagement discussions:

The Law of Embargo: Implications of the U.S. Constitution and Legal Travel to Cuba  
Jared K. Carter, Esq.
Attorney, Legal Studies teacher, and expert on U.S./Cuba law and relations

This workshop will focus on the complicated legal relationship between the United States and Cuba through the lens of constitutional law, international law and economics.  Highlights will include historical background on the U.S. embargo, current U.S. laws regulating economic engagement with Cuba, and in-depth discussion on constitutional law and its implication for prohibitions on travel to Cuba.

The 14th Amendment: The Past and Future of Personhood and Citizenship in the United States 
Sandy Baird, Esq.
Attorney, Director of the Cuba Program at Burlington College, and Director of the Burlington College Institute for Civic Engagement

Attorney Baird will lead this seminar on the meaning of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. She will ask and discuss questions posed by this amendment passed in 1868: Why was this amendment passed in the historic period of the Civil War and Reconstruction? Who is a person under this amendment? Who is a citizen of the United States? Are corporations and the unborn, persons and citizens? In this seminar, Ms. Baird will also discuss the controversial changes to the 14th Amendment that are being suggested in the United States and the implications of those changes for the rights of the people of the United States.


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