College Writing Skill for ELL

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Course # GEN 070-1
Instructor: Virginia Joczik
Date: M,W 03:30p-05:00p
Location: Burlington College, RM 239

This course is offered to non-native speaking seniors (and possibly juniors) at Burlington High School. This course will be dual-credit, allowing successful students to earn high school credits as well as 3 credits for Writing for College I at Burlington College. The class will be comprised of 10 – 12 students who have placed into the course by writing sample. Learn to articulate and develop ideas in writing. Build short essays on focused topics from the ground up, while learning and applying rhetorical, practical and process-based strategies and skills. Work on sentences and paragraphs as units of meaning that support clear thinking and writing. Write with greater fluidity and correctness, and with an expanding vocabulary.


Course Num: 
GEN 070-1
M,W 03:30p-05:00p
V. Joczik
BC RM 239