Community Meditation Class

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I, WE, and IT: Three Perspectives on Meditation, a 3 - week series of meditative practice and discussion with an Integral twist.

Community Meditation Class is free an dopen to the public in Burlington, Vermont.

One of the interesting things about both Integral Theory and Meditative practice is the use of perspectives. When we are using our awareness and attention in meditation, we are taking a perspective on some part of our reality and “seeing” what is there to be discovered about ourselves and the world. In Integral Theory we also pay carful attention to perspectives, “who is viewing what from where” helps us get clear about what we are seeing and creating in the world.  In this short series of 2 hour gatherings, we’ll spend some time getting introduced to practices that help us get clear about the perspective we are using in our practice. First, second, and third person, or I, We, and It perspectives will become the basis for our practice and discussion during this series. With a minimum of introduction we’ll dive into guided practice and then resurface for a discussion about what we have discovered. Instructor: Daniel Little, Professional Integral Coach.

Fridays, September 20 – October 4th from 3-5pm

Free and open to the community!