Continuing Education Admissions

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Students not enrolled in a degree program (non-matriculating) may register for learning activities directly through the Admissions Office by mail or by phone. Students who choose this option are not required to go through the formal application process. In all cases, they are required to complete a Non-degree Student Registration Form. Upon completion of this form please send it to Admissions Office, and upon receipt of this form the student will be contacted by the Business Office to set-up a payment method.

Business Office Notice
Credit card payments may be made by MasterCard or Visa only. There is a $25.00 per check charge for all returned checks.

Non-matriculating students are not required to go through formal registration, they will need to work with the Admissions Office to see if any learning activity they have registered has been changed or canceled. They should also be sure to check course descriptions for prerequisites, as some courses require previous coursework or permission of the instructor.

Download a copy of the Non-Degree Student Registration Form.(PDF/184kb).