Criminal Justice I

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Course # PLS 120
Instructor: David Scibek
Credits: 3 credits at Burlington College
Location: Burlington Tech Center, Rm. F 311
Day and Time:  Monday – Friday 9:35 to 11:45


This course introduces the student to the criminal justice system, the system uniquely that has the power to charge, convict and incarcerate men and women, young and old, rich and poor.  Although the police, courts and the law have the authority to deprive persons of their most important rights and liberties, those who are influenced by it are too often ignorant of the rules and procedures surrounding the criminal justice system.  This course will begin to shed light and knowledge on these important branches of the legal system with the hopes that knowledge can help prevent the often devastating effects of imprisonment and loss of freedom.


Course Num: 
PLS 120
M-F 9:35 to 11:45
D. Scibek
BTC F311