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Students may cross-register for courses at other institutions if these (1) are approved by the student’s advisor during registration, (2) constitute no more than 50 percent of a student’s total academic load in any semester, and (3) are not similar to learning activities normally offered at Burlington College. The institution must be regionally-accredited and Title IV-eligible. Cross-registered coursework does not fulfill degree residency requirements, but it is factored into the completion ratio.

Receipt of an official transcript documenting that satisfactory (letter grade equivalent ‘C’ or better) credit was earned is necessary to award Burlington College credit. It is the student’s responsibility to request the transcript in a timely manner; otherwise the coursework will be considered incomplete after the semester evaluation deadline has passed and will affect the cumulative completion ratio. It is suggested that students request their transcript from the granting institution in writing in advance of Burlington College’s evaluation deadline, and that they keep a copy of that request in the event that a petition needs to be submitted to ARC.

Students should note that while credit awarded for cross-registered learning activities is reflected on a Burlington College transcript, supporting documents (transcripts, etc.) are not included in the official Burlington College transcript. Students needing official transcripts or documentation for those credits earned are advised to contact the granting institution directly.

Cross-Registration Agreement with Champlain College and Saint Michael’s College
Specific information about the requirements and guidelines is available in the Articulation Agreements section.