Cuban Culture and Society
Experience the beauty and culture of Cuba and its people.


Study Cuban Culture and Society in Havana, Cuba.Travel and learn in Havana Cuba

Cuban Culture and Society Overview

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Credits: 3
Trip Dates: June 15-22


Join President Christine Plunkett on a fascinating adventure into Cuba's history, society and culture. Learn about the revolution, rural and urban life, art, film and music, and the universal healthcare system. Explore social justice in relation to wealth, citizenship rights, decision-making process, and the role of class, ethnicity, and gender today.

Both undergraduate and graduate level credit is available for this course. Students must submit either a research paper or a personal reflection paper on one or more aspects of Cuban culture and society (art, politics, music, economics, etc.). All students are encouraged to keep daily journals. A group reading may be assigned prior to departure.

Topics covered:

  • The Cuban History and Revolution - Its roots, critics and legacies
  • Food, Agriculture // Rural vs. Urban Life
  • Cuban Healthcare System
  • Art, Film, Music and the Representation of Identities
  • Cuba Today: Contemporary Social, Political and Economic Transformations // Cuban Relations Around the World
  • Social Justice as it relates to wealth production, including discussions of market mechanisms, socialization, and material versus moral incentives
  • Decision-Making processes and citizenship rights through exploration of the impact of paternalism, centralism, bureaucracy, autonomy, the role of mass organizations, collective rights, and the meaning of community.
  • The Role of Class, Ethnicity and Gender in Contemporary Cuba
  • The Future of Cuba


Tution and Fees: $3,900

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