Degree Project

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All graduating students at Burlington College complete a Degree Project, which is a 6-credit, culminating work in their area of study. Undertaken in the last two semesters, the project is envisioned and designed by the student, who works with an individual instructor and the academic advisor. Depending on the major, the project may consist of creative work (like a film, manuscript, or series of photographs) or research-based paper. In some cases, the Degree Project documents and analyzes hands-on work like curriculum design, community activism, or participant research.

What the projects have in common is that they usually synthesize each individual's learning and reflect his or her deepest concerns, interests, and passions. The completion of the Degree Project demands sustained, independent effort over a whole school year, a skill we believe translates beautifully into life after college. It also helps prepare students for the rigors of graduate school and high levels of job responsibility. Many students find it the most meaningful experience they have at Burlington College.