Degree Project Schedule

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Melanie Despres
Time Through Light

For my degree project I took advantage of challenging new ideas. I experimented with abstract photography, using light as my subject. It resulted in a series of photographs I am exhibiting as a digital montage and four large scale prints. I worked with low light, long shutter speeds, and both camera and subject movement.

Seminar Instructor: Anna Blackmer
Degree Project Instructor: Peter Curtis
Reader: Amber Broderick


Hallie Wolklin
On Island Time: A Portrait of South Andros Bahamas

Photography is my art, and travel is my passion. Over the past two years I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to South Andros Bahamas several times. While spending time in this small community, I have been able to build relationships with many different people and capture intimate street portraits, images of daily life, and striking landscapes. I hope my photographs convey a true slice of Bahamian life.

Seminar Instructor: Anna Blackmer
Degree Project Instructor: Robert Silverstein
Reader: Peter Curtis

Rebecca Gwozdz
The 50-Hour Project

During the first semester of this project, I researched the viability of using a well- managed volunteer program to alleviate the budget constraints facing schools and non-profits today. During the second semester, I volunteered 50 hours in order to personally experience volunteerism through the lens of all of that research. This project is the application of my knowledge and skills as an event manager to the non-profit world of volunteering.

Degree Project Seminar Instructor: Anna Blackmer
Degree Project Instructor: Peggy Curtis
Reader: Jenny Kountas


Dylan Kelley
Dissent and Dissonance: Occupy and the Re-ignition of American Radicalism

Occupy Wall Street burst into being in 2011, drawing worldwide headlines and spawning encampments across the country and around the world. In this documentary project of words and photographs, I set out to explore and critique the movement of the 99%. Spanning over a year and 15,000 miles, this work asks critical questions of radicals, police, and citizens: What happens when systems of power intersect with systems of dissent? What happens when the world's biggest protest becomes the world's biggest spectacle? What's going to happen next?

Degree Project Seminar Instructor: Anna Blackmer
Degree Project Instructor: Rob Williams
Reader: Sarah Yahm



Emma Noakes
An Exploration of the United States Criminal Justice System: History, Legislation, and the Use of Incarceration.

The relationship between crime and incarceration is examined, and the extent to which incarceration in the United States should be used is questioned. This project also identifies a number of consequences offenders face as they re-enter society, and the effects contact with the criminal justice can have on an individual.

Seminar Instructor: Roxanne Leopold
Degree Project Instructor: John Paul Long
Reader: Herb Sinkerson


Catherine Bailey
You've Gotta Have Heart

The world of dance training and performance has traditionally operated through competitive structures. This project focuses on using cooperative task groups and teaching methods with children ages 9-11 years old to create and mount a dance performance. Based on both my own experience as a dance teacher and the research of David and Roger Johnson on cooperation and social interdependence, the project tested the viability of cooperation as a way to work with kids under the pressure of a looming public performance.

Seminar Instructor: Anna Blackmer
Degree Project Instructor: Maggi Hayes
Reader: Jean-Marie Mellichamp


Casey Jakubowski
An Integrated Approach to Identity

This project explores classic theories of identity development as well as new research around neuroplasticity, societal expectations, and generational change. Using old school theories with new school research provided me with a foundation to construct personal theories regarding identity development.

Seminar Instructor: Kim Nolan
Degree Project
Instructor: Jen Kristal
Reader: Shirley Oxidine


Noah Petrie

This is a short, narrative film from an original screenplay by Noah Petrie about betrayal, loss, and redemption between two brothers. Written, produced, directed, shot, and edited by Noah Petrie.

Degree Project Seminar Instructor: Mary Arbuckle
Degree Project Instructor: Matt Parillo
Reader: Sheryl Glubok




Degree Project schedule for Friday, December 7th and Wednesday, December 12th.