Dr. Jane O'Meara Sanders officially steps down as President on October 14th

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Dr. Jane O'Meara Sanders resigns as President of small college in Burlington Vermont
After seven years at Burlington College, President Jane O’Meara Sanders, Ph.D., has submitted her letter of resignation to the Board of Trustees. This comes after months of discussions between the Board leadership and Sanders regarding the future of the college. Sanders will officially step down as president on Friday, October 14th. In honor of her significant accomplishments, the College has given Sanders the title of President Emerita, until now a distinction only given to the college’s founder.

The Board credits Sanders with negotiating the acquisition of its beautiful new 32-acre lakefront campus, a transformative achievement for the College. The new campus will significantly grow the student body and fully realize the expansion of academic programs that have taken place under Sanders’ guidance.”

Under her leadership, the College developed several new undergraduate majors, four Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees and an Individualized Masters Degree. As part of Sanders’ legacy, the institution established an institutional aid fund which now provides over $400,000 annually to ensure student access to education regardless of financial resources.

Sanders will take some time over the next year to enjoy the sabbatical time she has earned, but not had time to take, since 2004. During which, she will research, advise and consult with the College on fundraising, site development and other matters as needed. “I will enjoy the opportunity to focus on these specific areas rather than day-to-day operations” said Sanders, who has indicated a strong interest in establishing community partnerships for the new campus.

During the next few weeks, the Board will establish an interim leadership plan and announce the search for a new president.

Dr. Jane O'Meara Sanders officially steps down as President on October 14th