Dylan Kelley - Photography & Documentary Studies

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Documentary studies and photography major Dylan's interest in Burlington College stemmed from his first experience with the Institute for Civic Engagement and the college's individualized majors program.

Student: Dylan Kelley
Hometown: Bradford, VT
Major: Individualized Studies: Photography and Documentary Studies

Dylan was captivated by Burlington College’s Institute for Civic Engagement - a semester-long lecture series on local and global political issues. Burlington College's Individualized Major provided him more flexibility in what he could study, which he felt would make him a more well-rounded artist and activist. He spends much of his time telling stories through his photography, which he hopes will one day move people into action on global and local problems. When not being an artist and an activist, Dylan relaxes by writing and playing musical instruments like the harmonica and guitar. See photographs by Dylan.

Next step: To continue looking for the next story to tell.