Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Policy

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Among the information technology resources Burlington College makes available to students, faculty, and staff, is an e-mail account, provided through Google’s “Applications for Education.” As an information technology resource, this service is covered by the “Burlington College Information Technology Resource Use Policy,” and use of email is fully subject to that Policy as well as this Policy. The intent of this policy is to provide additional guidance on acceptable use specifically with regard to e-mail.

Because Burlington College’s e-mail is provided through Google “Applications for Education,” all users must agree to Google’s Terms of Service.. These are available at http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms/

User Responsibility
Beyond the responsibilities outlined in the “Burlington College Information Technology Resource Use Policy,” e-mail users are responsible for their effective use of the e-mail system. Effective use includes (but is not limited to):

  • Checking mail in a timely manner; note: students are responsible for checking email regularly, as this may be the exclusive means of communication of important College notices and of communications to students by faculty
  • Setting “away” messages when mail will be unattended for extended periods;
  • Making sure your mailbox is not full. While our Google Applications for Education mailboxes are very large (25GB), they are not infinite;

E-mail users are also responsible for conforming to the acceptable use policy for their Burlington College e-mail.

Acceptable Uses

Users may:

  • Use their Burlington.edu e-mail for all college-related purposes
  • Use their Burlington.edu e-mail for personal or professional purposes not inconsistent with the mission of the College

Unacceptable Uses
Your use of mail with a Burlington.edu address affects the reputation and technical treatment of all Burlington.edu addresses. If you mis-use your account, or your account is mis-used by others, it may affect the ability of all Burlington.edu mail to reach its recipients.

Examples of Unacceptable Use

The following are examples of unacceptable use; this list is not an exclusive list of all unacceptable uses. Users may not:

  • Use or allow their accounts to be used for unsolicited commercial e-mail aka “spam;”
  • Use or allow their accounts to be used to distribute “malware” of any type;
  • Use or allow their accounts to be used as an automatic relay for automated e-mails;
  • Use or allow their accounts to be used to compromise the security of another user’s Burlington.edu mail account

Faculty (including community/adjunct) and staff (full- and part-time) receive an e-mail address upon employment with the College. Students receive an e-mail address upon enrollment at Burlington College. When a person’s affiliation with the College ceases, their e-mail address may be discontinued.

All Burlington College electronic communication to those having a Burlington College e-mail address will be sent to that Burlington College e-mail address. While various mechanisms exist to deliver Burlington.edu mail to non-Burlington.edu addresses, the College cannot be responsible for the delivery of mail other than to a Burlington.edu address.

Note that Google does not create back-up copies of your e-mail. Should your account become compromised, it is common practice for those acquiring your credentials to delete all your e-mail and contacts. Faculty and staff may be offered (by e-mail) the opportunity to back up your e-mail via a College-provided service. You are responsible for accepting that opportunity.

Students wishing to back up their e-mail should contact the Office of Information Technology.

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for the implementation of this policy, and may develop such procedures as needed to that end. In suspected cases of violation of this policy, the Office of Information Technology will immediately take such measures as it deems necessary to safeguard College information technology resources. As soon as practical, commensurate with the nature and severity of the violation, the Office of Information Technology will inform the appropriate academic or administrative officers of the policy violation. Nothing in this policy will be construed to limit the staff of the Office of Information Technology, or others as designated by the College President, from accessing information necessary to ensure the effective functioning of the College’s information technology resources.

A Note About E-Mail Privacy: Burlington College recognizes the expectation that e-mail users have regarding the privacy of their e-mail communications, including those made using Burlington College information technology resources. The legal status of e-mail is somewhat nuanced, but in general, under current law, Burlington College has the right to read, copy, and otherwise use the content of e-mail created using resources it administers.