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The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should be submitted online Visit FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. The FAFSA code for Burlington College is 012183.

Students who are selected by the Department of Education for FAFSA verification are required use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or to submit a TRANSCRIPT of their federal tax return. Tax filers can request a transcript, free of charge online, by telephone or paper request. Download instructions here.

As a result, the following steps are recommended for the FAFSA application.

  1. If possible, file you federal income tax returns early.It is helpful to file 2013 federal income tax return(s) electronically before March 2, 2014 to receive the most accurate financial aid package possible. Select the IRS Data Retrieval tool when filing the FAFSA to transfer 2012 federal income tax return information directly to the FAFSA. Tax data should be available through IRS Data Retrieval process 1-2 weeks after electronically filing 2012 federal income tax return(s). If mailing tax return(s), it can take 6-8 weeks for data to be available through IRS Data Retrieval process.
  2. Use the IRS Data Retrieval tool available on the FAFSA application. Lower your chances of being selected to submit additional documents to our office by filing tax return(s) early electronically and using the IRS Data Retrieval tool.If you are not able to file tax a return by March 2, 2014, submit the 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) anyway using estimated tax information.
  3. Return to FAFSA website after filing taxes and use Data Retrieval process. If you applied for the FAFSA prior to completing your tax return it is recommended that you  update your FAFSA by requesting the IRS Data Retrieval.

Students must reapply for aid every year. New Applicant How To Apply Instruction


Financial Aid at Burlington College
351 North Avenue
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 800-862-9616
Fax: 802-660-4331
finaidatburlington [dot] edu