The Film School at Burlington College

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In a world dominated by mass media and increasingly diverse forms of audiovisual communication, the person with the skills and knowledge of the filmmaker occupies a position of influence and importance. But to make an effective film, a filmmaker needs to do more than master the complex technologies of film production. Being a successful filmmaker requires an understanding of how to conceptualize ideas in terms of how films communicate ideas and emotions, and how to break down such conceptions into the multitude of individual tasks that comprise a production. 

Film Studies Degrees @ Burlington College

Cinema Studies & Film Production - BFA
Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Cinema Studies and Film Production This program provides students with technical skills while fostering their development as a creative artist. Read More
Cinema Studies & Film Production
Cinemas Studies & Film Production degree Cinema Studies and Film Production is a 120-credit program that embeds a fully-articulated program in cinema studies and film production Read More
Documentary Studies - Bachelors
Documentary Studies degree
The purpose of Documentary Studies is straightforward: to tell stories about people's lives as truthfully and effectively as possible Read More
Media Activism Media Activism can focus on photography, graphic design or other art degrees
Students can focus their area of study in Graphic Design, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Documentaries or Activism. Read More
Film Studies - Associate of Arts
Film Studies Associates Degree Film Studies is a 60-credit program in liberal arts with a concentration in cinema studies and film production. Read More
Documentary Filmmaking - Certificate
Documentary Studies Certficate Program Documentary films have played a long and venerable role in the cultural life of societies Read More
Film Production - Certificate
Film Production Certificate The capacity to make films has become more prevalent, but filmmaking is more than pushing some buttons. Read More
Screenwriting - Certificate
Screenwriting Certificate The Certificate in Screenwriting is a 12-credit program of interested people who would like to learn the fundamentals of screenwriting. Read More

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