Fire or Emergency Exit Plan

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Burlington College is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, students, and visitors. The following Fire Safety/ Emergency Exit Plan, along with the Intruder Policy, designates areas of responsibilities and defines the processes for response to a fire safety, emergency exit or intruder situation. While no emergency plan can anticipate all possible variables that an emergency can present, it is the responsibility of every BC community member to be aware and to review and know the information and procedures as outlined below.

Process for Alarm Notification
1. Fire alarm should be pulled at first indication of fire or smoke. NOTE: Small incidents of fire or smoke may be contained by using a fire extinguisher; however, students should not feel obligated to attempt to put out the fire. They should, instead, immediately notify the Front Desk Staff and the Burlington Fire Department.
2. Floor Monitors and Facilities staff will put on reflective vests and check their floors before exiting themselves.
3. Front desk (when possible) will put phones on Answering service.

Fire Exits
A fire exit plan for each floor is posted next to each exit door. Your location is marked with a red “X”.

Floor Monitor Responsibilities
The following individuals have been designated for each floor to be responsible for ensuring that all individuals for that floor are out of the building and in a safe location. Their duties are as follows:
1. Wear reflective vests to clearly indicate their status.
2. Complete a walk-thru of her/his floor or area; making sure that no person is left behind before exiting him/herself.
3. Lead all occupants to a safe, designated meeting area.
4. Act upon direction from emergency agencies (fire, police).
5. Upon return to the building, checking that all individuals have returned to their floor.

Floor Monitors have been identified as follows:

First Floor: Student Services (forward from student lounge)
Librarian (back from student lounge)
Second Floor: Academic Coordinator
Third Floor: Assistant to the President
Evenings: Front Desk

Instructor and Student Responsibilities
Students and instructor(s) should plan to remain together at all times. Instructors for each class should be prepared to have their class enrollment files with them and to check attendance once outside. Upon return to the classroom, the instructor will once again check attendance and account for the presence of all individuals in their class.

Individual Responsibilities
All non-essential personal items should remain in the classroom, office, or building. Pertinent items to take with you may include, but are not limited to, car keys, office keys, medications, and coats (provided they do not prolong evacuation time). Follow the instructions of the Floor Monitor for evacuation. Remain with your instructor, class, or Floor Monitor as much as possible.

Designated Gathering Location
Fire Alarms
All individuals should follow the instructions of the Floor Monitors. They will be instructed as to a safe location away from the building. Fire trucks and other safety vehicles will require space to maneuver around the building.

Alternate location: In case of inclement weather, bomb threat, or other factor, all individuals will follow the instructions of the Floor Monitors.

Process for Bomb Threats

In the event of a bomb threat (received either at Front Desk or thru email), all notification will be done verbally. Follow all other instructions as for Fire Alarms.

1. Front desk will notify the Director of the Physical Plant and the President’s Office, who in turn will verbally notify Floor Monitors.
2. Front desk will call 911.
3. Front desk (if possible) will put phones on Answering service.
4. Floor Monitors will notify all individuals verbally on their floors to vacate the premises immediately.
5. Floor Monitors will do a walk-thru of their floor or area, making sure that no person is left behind before exiting themselves.

Designated Gathering Location
Alternative location: Due to the nature of this particular alarm, all individuals will immediately leave the premises, following the instructions of their Floor Monitors.

Power Outages
In the event of a power outage that is determined to be of significant duration, the following procedures should be followed:

Daytime/Normal Business Hours:
1. Management will determine the feasibility of staying open or closing the College.
2. If closing the College, all individuals within the premises will be notified verbally.
3. Procedures for closing will be followed similar to that for snow closure (See Procedures for Closing the School).

1. Front desk will consult with staff on premises (or faculty member[s] if none) in the building about feasibility of staying open or closing the College.
2. If closing the College, staff (or faculty) will verbally notify all individuals within the building to vacate the premises.
3. Front desk (or a staff member) will notify the President and the Director of the Physical Plant as to the course of events as soon as is feasibly possible:

Resumption of Operations
No one will be allowed into the building following a fire alarm or bomb threat until Fire Safety personnel or Facilities staff has designated the building safe.

Upon arrival, everyone should return to his/her location prior to the alarm. Instructors will once again check their rosters. Floor monitors should conduct a walk-thru to confirm return of all individuals.

Front desk will remove the answering service and retrieve any messages.

The Director of Information Technology will check that no computer equipment has been compromised.

Facilities staff will conduct a check of any pertinent areas.

Fire drills will be held twice a year, possibly during class time.