Graduation Information & Policies

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In order to graduate from Burlington College students must satisfy all of the academic degree requirements with at least the minimum required cumulative completion ratio prior to the award of any certificate or degree (75% for undergraduate programs; 85% for graduate programs). Additionally, all financial obligations to the College, including the cost of unreturned materials to any College-affiliated libraries, must be satisfied. The College reserves the right to withhold all transcripts and degrees for students in arrears until such time as their accounts have been cleared by the Business Office.

Graduates with completion dates between July 1 and June 30 are considered the academic “class of” the appropriate academic year. Academic advisors work with students to determine an expected date of degree completion, which is supplied to the Registrar’s Office. Beginning of semester enrollment reports notify the Business and Financial Aid Offices of expected completion semesters to facilitate account balance monitoring and exit interview arrangement. The registrar confirms the student’s name and degree title for official documents. Additionally, the Graduation Committee collects information from students for the commencement ceremony.

Upon completion of all degree requirements, the student’s file is reviewed and approved by multiple College offices. The academic advisor and Dean verify that all academic degree requirements have been satisfied, including those for outcomes assessment, the major and general education. The registrar confirms that all credit-bearing paperwork is in place, including all learning contracts and evaluations of coursework for which credit has been awarded internally and all official transcripts for credit accepted in transfer toward the degree from other institutions. The registrar certifies that the maximum number of low-passes has not been exceeded, that the minimum number of earned credits has been satisfied, and that the cumulative completion ratio satisfies at least minimum requirements. Upon approval of the file by the president, the candidate is recommended to the Board of Trustees which confers the degree and graduate status during regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the year. The degree completion date is the date of board conferral. Following conferral, the registrar prepares an official transcript and diploma for the graduate.