Graphic Design Degree program teaches students to organize and communicate through creative vision.

Graphic Design - Bachelors of Fine Arts

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Graphic Design Degree Program Overview

Earn a degree in graphic design.Craphic Design Degree Students learn to organize and communicate their creative vision.Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree program

Students learn to organize and communicate their creative vision in the ever-changing world of print, digital and interactive media. Through their coursework, graphic design students will research social, cultural and commercial trends, analyze changing values, brainstorm ideas, study design history and convert their findings into visual messages. Students are encouraged to think abstractly and critically and interpret their concepts digitally using industry standard technology.

"Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does." - David Carson

The Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program prepares graduates to go on to further study and/or careers in art direction, multimedia design, marketing, advertising, package design, typography, and teaching.

BFA in Graphic Design Degree Requirements

To be accepted in to a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Major, students must submit a portfolio for evaluation.

All students are required to complete an upper-level internship in the major including participation in the Action Learning Seminar; typical placements include settings such as newspapers, museums, galleries, schools, local arts organizations, and may include apprenticeships with graphic designers and design companies. Each student also undertakes a 6-credit capstone Degree Project in the last two semesters that includes both a creative component (usually a portfolio of work and a public show displayed in our gallery) and a process paper.

Foundation Level: 9 Credits         
FIN111- Color and Composition
FIN113- Drawing as Communication    
Required 1 of 4    
WAL220- Creative Writing
CIN100- Introduction to Cinema Studies
FIN240- Photographic Communication
CIN150- Film Production I

Art History: 9 credits
HUM2xx- Art History I or Art History II
GDS233- History of Graphic Design
HUM2xx- Interdisciplinary Art Elective

Intermediate Level: 15 credits
GDS201- Graphic Design I            
FIN263- Photoshop I    
GDS264- Illustrator I        
GDS213- Typography I
GDS273- Web Design

Intermediate Studio Electives: 6 credits
FIN243- Digital Photography I
FIN271- Printmaking
GDS274- Design for Activism
FIN2xx- Commercial Photography
FIN233- Sequential Art

Upper Level: 12 credits
WAL331-Search and Research
GDS301- Graphic Design II    
GDS317- Branding and Corporate Identity    
GDS351- Professional Seminar for Graphic Designers

Upper Level Studio Electives: 9 credits
GDS327- Package Design
FIN347- Book Illustration
GDS373- 4-D Design
FIN350- Lighting for Photography
FIN363- Photoshop for Photographers

Internship: 3 credits
Degree Project I & II: 6 credits

Total: 69 credits




Students learn to organize and communicate their creative vision in the ever-changing world of print, digital & interactive media.