Hospitality and Event Management

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Hospitality and Event Management Degree Program Overview

Hospitality and event management coursework will offer both in and out classroom experiences through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on projects.


Our Program:
The Hospitality and Event Management program at Burlington College prepares students for a rewarding career in the hospitality and events management industry. We achieve this by providing students with a highly dynamic and engaging learning environment both in the classroom and outside the classroom. With a focus on building skill in essential business function areas, students graduate with experience and know how that will support their efforts in landing dream employment in this rewarding industry. In addition, The Hospitality and Management program is dedicated to building well-rounded managers. To this end, we support our students in their mastery of key components of self-development focused on the following three levers:  self-discipline, self-knowledge, and interpersonal savvy.
Our Approach:
We accomplish this in a handful of ways; rich 9 credit internship program, job shadowing, field trips, conversations with industry experts and thought leaders, a focus on fun (heck that what travel is all about), and service. In addition, living in a world respected tourist destination (National Geographic rated #1 2006), affords us the benefit of focusing on Vermont as our primary learning laboratory. A primary goal of the HEM program is to help our students develop their employability across a spectrum of competencies so that they can earn work in their chosen field. Additionally, our career services and internship program support students in building networks, landing interviews and finding satisfying work. We believe that strong career development planning alongside the practice afforded by internship are the key ingredients in meeting our mission.
Expert and Accessible Faculty
As successful practitioners in this unique industry our faculty bring a wealth of real-world experiences to the classroom. And because of our small class sizes they are able give a great deal of individualized attention to each student.
Study and Intern in Vermont, A Hospitality and Tourism State
Hospitality and tourism are leading industries in Vermont making this an ideal learning environment for our Hospitality and Event Management students. The internship component gives students invaluable real-world work experience and information about a broad range of career opportunities in the hospitality industry.
Vermont is home to many world-class winter and summer resorts, superb bed and breakfast inns, fine restaurants, year round festivals and special events, and ranks third in the nation for destination weddings. Our location provides many exciting internship and career opportunities for our students and graduates.

Hospitality and Event Management Degree Requirements

Every Bachelor of Arts degree candidate must complete General Education requirements and earn 120 credits to achieve a degree. The following course requirements are specific to the Hospitality and Event Management major. Other coursework may be substituted with permission of academic advisor.

Entry Level Required: 9 credits
Hospitality and the Tourism Industry
Management and Mastery
Introduction to Customer Service

Intermediate Level Required: 15 credits
Project Management
Hospitality Supervision and Events Management
Travel, Accommodations and Destination Planning
Technology in the Workplace
Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethics
Public Relations and Marketing
Business Law, Contracts and Negotiations

Upper Level Required Courses: 6 credits
Search and Research
Special Events Management

Action Learning Seminar and Internship / Degree Project:
Action Learning Seminar/Internship
Apprenticeship Experience
Degree Project I
Degree Project II

General Education Requirements

  • Demonstration of proficiency in academic computing
  • Vision and Revision (or assessment of writing sample)
  • Research and Reflection

Evidence of proficiency in the four fundamental learning skills 

  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Researching

3 credits in each of the following areas of the liberal arts 
  • Creative Expression
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Historical Consciousness
  • Media Literacy
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Responsible Action
  • Scientific Thought
  • Social Awareness

Total Credits: 120



The Hospitality and Event Management program places an emphasis on group experiential learning throughout the program courses.