In-House Portfolios

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The in-house portfolio at Burlington College is a one-time opportunity for students to have prior learning experiences assessed for academic credit. This credit is awarded by Burlington College. Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) credits are awarded by the Vermont State College’s Office of External Programs. Through detailed documentation of prior learning, students use the in-house portfolio to demonstrate competence in specific course areas. It is not intended to illustrate general knowledge that is not course specific. The project is independent and student-driven. Students are advised to take courses at Burlington College for one or two semesters before undertaking the portfolio process. The portfolio may only be submitted once for credit and must meet all published deadlines.

Students may apply for up to 12 credits through the in-house portfolio process. The Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) course offered through the Vermont State Colleges is recommended for students who wish to apply for more than 12 credits of prior learning. In-house portfolio credits may not be used to fulfill the Burlington College residency requirement of 30 credits, nor may they be used to “salvage” academic credits denied by the Vermont State Office of External Programs. Students must be currently enrolled in credit-bearing Burlington College learning activities in order to undertake and submit an in-house portfolio. The portfolio must be submitted for evaluation by the published evaluation deadline of the term in which the student registers for it. In-house portfolios submitted during the final semester prior to graduating must be received by the student’s academic advisor no later than two weeks prior to the published evaluation deadline to allow time for assessment.

Students considering either of these options should discuss alternatives with the Admissions Office and/or an academic advisor. Credits earned through assessment of prior learning are accepted as transfer credits and do not impact enrollment status or completion ratio.