"To study the way is to study the self."—Dogen

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Burlington College is moving forward with the development of the Institute for Contemplative Studies. We recognize our responsibility to create a much-needed  transformative paradigm for learning that enriches the cognitive process with a continuity of mind and body. As such, the Institute has comprised five visionary and comprehensive areas of development that tend to the whole person. Each program area is rooted in social-emotional learning and mindfulness-based education which will enhance critical thinking while cultivating tacit knowledge.

The Institute draws strength from diverse faculty and multiple disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, science, phenomenology, and various wisdom traditions. In harmony with the guiding principles of our college, the Institute serves to create a safe learning environment with experiences that foster renewal, well-being, and compassionate ways of being in the world.

The Institute for Contemplative StudiesThe Institute for Contemplative StudiesThe Institute for Contemplative StudiesWith a deep commitment to reflection, practice, and scholarship, the Institute strives to provide:



Community-based programs

Accredited academic opportunities

Professional development

  • Workshops and continuing education credits (CEU's)
  • Leadership consultation and coaching

Research initiative

  • Collaborate with other institutes of higher education in research initiatives on meditation as an antidote to everyday stress and trauma

Envision the future

  • Contemplative walking paths on campus
  • Contemplative student housing
  • Service-learning initiatives

The vision, values, and mission of the Institute are currently being developed by an advisory board of community-based experts who inherently understand and support the initiative. Under collaborative governance, the board and executive team will create short and long-term goals, and a strategic plan for achieving those goals.

Diverse Faculty



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