Interdisciplinary Arts - Bachelors of Fine Arts

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Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Program Overview

The Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts enables students to develop visual, conceptual, and creative abilities essential to their professional success. A studio-centered and digital-based art curriculum provides students with new ways of seeing, thinking, and expressing themselves in the cross boundary hybridization of the arts. Studies in technique, art history, art criticism, and critical theory will construct a creative framework that allows students to experiment and explore their own individual voices and creative visions.

BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Degree Requirements

Foundations Level: 9 credits
FIN111- Color and Composition
FIN2xx- Designing for 3D and Sculpting in Wood
or Sculpture or Ceramics

Required 1 of 5
PHO241-Photographic Communication
CIN150-Film Production I
FIN113- Drawing as Communication
WAL220-Creative Writing
DOC201-Introduction to Media Production

Art in Context: 9 credits
FIN201-Art History I
FIN202-Art History II

Required 1 of 4
FIN204-Public Art
FIN302-Women, Art and Society
HUM376-The Avant Garde: Paradoxes in Modernism
HUM226-Asian Art and Culture

Intermediate Level: 6 credits
FIN263- Photoshop I
FIN281-Web Design

Intermediate Studio Electives: 18 credits

Minimum of 6 credits each needs to be placed in 2 different disciplines
FIN233-Sequential Art
FIN225- Painting I: Techniques, Materials and Process
FIN235-Intro to Animation
FIN204- Public Art
FIN216- Figure and Space
FIN233-Survey in Metal and Glass
FIN281-Web Design I
GDS201-Graphic Design I
GDS213-Typography I
GDS274-Graphic Design in the Public Sphere
GDS284-Motion Graphics
GDS261-Illustrator I
PHO243-Digital Photography I
PHO241-Photographic Communication
PHO240-Black and White Camera and Darkroom I
PHO263-Photoshop I
CIN150-Film Production I
CIN281-Fundamentals of Editing
CIN247-Video as Art
DOC200-Foundations and Traditions of Documentary Studies
DOC201-Introduction to Media Production
WAL226-Writing for New Media
WAL220-Creative Writing
WAL201-Poetry Seminar

Upper Level: 9 credits
WAL331-Search and Research
FIN374-Advanced Studio Seminar
HUM337-Ways of Seeing

Upper Level Studio Electives: 9 credits

FIN314-Book Illustration
FIN324-Fantasy Art
FIN325-Painting II: Techniques, Materials and Process
PHO363-Photoshop for Photographers
PHO343-Digital Fine Print
PHO346-Digital Photography II
GDS301-Graphic Design II
GDS374-Typography II
CIN347-Documentary Production I
WAL301-Poetry Seminar
WAL332-Creative Nonfiction

Internship: 3 credits
Degree Project I & II: 6 credits

Total: 69 credits