Interlibrary Loan

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In an effort to support the research and teaching needs of the Burlington College community the Library requests materials from libraries throughout Vermont and the United States.

Local Availability

Materials owned by the Burlington College Library and UVM may not be requested for interlibrary loan if they are on the shelf and available for check-out. Before placing an interlibrary loan request, search the Burlington College Library catalog and the UVM Library catalog.

How to Submit a Request?

Interlibrary Loan requests can be made electronically. Please provide the required information. Incomplete request will not be processed.
Journal article request
Book request

Articles available electronically through any of our databases or through UVM's many databases will not be ordered through interlibrary loan. If, in our verification process we determine that books are owned or accessible through our collection or UVM's, we will email you that we are not going forward with the request. If you have difficulty locating the book, contact a circulation desk for assistance. If you have difficulty in accessing an online article, contact the Library Director for assistance.

How long does ILL take?

- Material is usually ordered 1-2 business days after the request is received.
- Copies usually arrive in 2-7 business days.
- Loans usually arrive in 7-14 business days.

An interlibrary loan transaction is made from one library to another for the use of an individual. Items borrowed from another library are lent for a short period of time, generally 4 weeks, and they are subject to recall by the lending libraries. One or two renewals are sometimes possible. Books borrowed through interlibrary loan are not to be placed on reserve.

Request limitations

There is no formal limit on the number of requests a user can place. The focus of the ILL Department is to support research and instruction, however it is not to supply required course textbooks. However, the Library does not interlibrary loan Class textbooks/required material.

Types of materials

Any material not owned by Burlington College or the Bailey Howe libraries can be ordered. Certain types of materials films, sound recordings, rare books and etc. are difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan and may be lent with use restrictions. For more information please see the Library Director.

Copyright law

The Copyright law of the Untied States (Title 17 US Code) hold libraries to limitations on copying requests under provisions of the "Fair Use" Guidelines. We are therefore limited on the number of copies we can request for journal titles and are prevented from requesting systematic or extensive copying of certain types of materials.