International Relations & Diplomacy

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International Relations is the study of war and peace. When governments, nations and people fail to discuss, debate, argue and diplomatically find peaceful resolutions to vexing problems, violence and war erupts. In this program we examine the international and grassroots initiatives, institutions and people-to-people exchanges that attempt to create peaceful contacts between the people of the world based on mutual assistance and respect. International Relations studies, too, why peaceful resolutions too often don't succeed, tumbling men and women, nations and societies into armed conflict, violent upheavals, civil and international war and genocide.

International Relations & Diplomacy Requirements

All students are required to complete an upper-level internship in the major, including participation in the Action Learning Seminar. Each student also undertakes a 6-credit capstone Degree Project in the last two semesters to produce a substantial research-based project.

Entry-level Prerequisites: 6 Credits
GEN170-Writing for College I
GEN171/2 – Writing for College II

Entry-level Required: 3 Credits
IRD100 – International Institutions of War and Peace and Citizen Diplomacy   

Language Required: 6 Credits
IAS100-Introduction to Conversational Spanish, Part I
IAS101-Introduction to Conversational Spanish, Part II


IAS105-Introduction to Conversational French, Part I
IAS106-Introduction to Conversational French, Part II


6 credits of other language coursework as approved by Program Director


Intermediate-level Required: 3 Credits
IAS210-Global Economics: History, Politics and Social Forces from an Economic Perspective

Intermediate-level Area Studies Required: 6 Credits
The Americas
IAS261-Creation of the New World: A Society Unlike Any Other
IAS204-Travel & Learn: Francophone/Anglophone Comparison of Quebec
IAS240-South American History and Nationalism
Additional coursework is currently under development for the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean

Intermediate-level Electives: 3 Credits
HMS203-Diversity and Inclusion
HUM205-Great Ideas: Exile
HUM219-20th Century, (The)
HUM273-Civic Scholar Seminar (as appropriate)
IAS225-U.S. History: From 1865 to the Present
LJS205 – Economics in Today’s World
LJS214-Comparative Government and Law
LJS220-International Problems, Intergovernmental Solutions
PLS228-Constitutional Law

Upper-level Required: 6 Credits
IAS323-U.S. Foreign Policy since 1898
WAL331-Search and Research: Academic Writing

Upper-level Area Studies Required: 6 Credits
The Americas
IAS340-South American History and Nationalism
Additional coursework is currently under development for the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean

Upper-level Electives: 3 Credits
HUM305-Cultural Encounters
HUM373-Civic Scholar Seminar (as appropriate)
IAS370-Globalization and Pirates

Action Learning Seminar and Internship / Degree Project:9 Credits
Degree Project I & II

Total Credits (not including Entry-level): 36 Credits

Students wishing to incorporate study abroad learning activities must coordinate with the Program Director for application of credits to this major.


This interdisciplinary program integrates political science, economics, sociology, history and the humanities in the study of world affairs