Introduction to Cinema Studies

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Course # CIN 100-1
Instructor: Matthew Parillo
Date: TU 03:00p-06:00p
Location: Room 253

In this departmental introductory course, we will explore the unique nature of the motion picture medium through an examination of such seminal works as Metropolis, Battleship Potemkin, Citizen Kane, and Do the Right Thing with special focus on the cinemas formative years. Students will learn to distinguish the formal elements (mise-en-scene, editing, sound, etc.) by means of which the cinematic experience is constructed, and become conversant with the language of cinema studies, including both technical and aesthetic concepts and terms. This course emphasizes the cinemas dual nature as a commercial enterprise and an art form, and the ways in which films reveal cultural attitudes toward race, class, and gender.

Course Num: 
CIN 100-1
TU 03:00p-06:00p
M. Parillo
BC RM 253