Intruder Policy

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The following is the procedure regarding the unlikely event of an armed (or said to be armed) intruder posing an active threat to the College by gaining entrance to the building.

In the event of a fire we are told to “get out.” This is not necessarily true in the case of a dangerous person in our buildings. The intention is the same— remove yourself from harm’s way—but the method is different.

“Out of sight, out of harm’s way” is the motto. The method is generally known as “lock down.” It means that we should be locking ourselves in and hiding instead of heading for an exit.

Wherever you are in the building, your instructions are to stay where you are and go to the most secure area within the space you are in. Lock the door, close the blinds or shades, and stay still. Call 911 if you can without compromising your safety. The object is to have the intruder think there is no one in your area and to make it as difficult as possible to gain access.

Do not answer the door or leave your locked room until the police release you.

At the first assurance that there is in fact an intruder, that person (which can be anyone) should shout “Lock Down.”   Should have a code to be announced over the loudspeaker – not say “lock down.”  Should also send out immediate email to all faculty, staff and students.

If the fire alarm sounds, ignore it unless you can physically detect the signs of fire.  An intruder will sometimes pull an alarm to flush people out into the open. You should not take action unless the intruder is an immediate threat to you.  Then, and only then, you should defend yourself or attempt to flee.  Know your space. What is the area of your office, classroom etc. that would make the most sense to take cover? Keep in mind that you need to be out of sight, out of the line of fire, and be able to defend yourself and/or flee if the intruder gains entrance. Other things to remember:

  •  Intruders are always looking for easy access
  • Larger spaces are more common targets

It is critical that people remain calm and think on their feet. Please remember that this procedure is merely a framework. You will need to adjust accordingly depending on the exact circumstances you are facing your space

Offices on any floor: Close door and lock it, close windows, cover any exposed areas, and go to the corner where you’d be least likely to be seen immediately if intruder gains entrance. Be ready to run or defend yourself if entrance is gained.

Bathrooms: Lock doors if possible and go to corner where you’re least likely to be seen and most likely to be able to defend yourself appropriately.

Reception Area: If intruder is in reception area, use any means necessary to defend yourself.