Jenny Joczik - Writing Center Director / Faculty

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Jenny hales from the sunny south, but moved to Vermont from Charleston, South Carolina in 2009 with her husband, three children, and an assortment of dogs and cats.  The Joczik family loves living in Vermont.  They especially appreciate the changing seasons and the friendliness of their neighbors, colleagues, and classmates.

After taking a two-year hiatus from teaching to write full-time, Jenny finished her Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina in November 2011, with an emphasis in English and American Literature. Research from her dissertation, entitled “Sung out of the Void”: Yeats’s Folkloric Nationalism, will be presented at an international Irish Studies conference in Montreal in July 2012.

Jenny earned a BA in English from the College of Charleston, and an MA in English from the University of South Florida, where she began teaching at the tender age of 24. Following in her father’s footsteps, she has wanted to teach and write most of her life.

Soon after completing her Master’s degree, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in the country of Denmark. There she studied Danish, taught ESL students composition and literature courses at two colleges, and lectured on American literature, culture, and cinema at institutions throughout the country. She traveled extensively in Europe, and after her tenure as a Fulbright teacher, she studied French language and culture at the Sorbonne, University of Paris.

Embracing her love of Ireland and the Irish, Jenny also attended the William Butler Yeats International Summer School in Sligo, Ireland. Her studies and adventures led her to pursue a dissertation topic that explores some of her favorite subjects: poetry, patriotism, folklore, and fairy tales.  

Jenny came to Burlington College in the fall semester of 2011, hired to direct the Writing Center and teach in the Independent Master’s Program. Since then she has taught in the classroom and in tutorials at the main campus and at the Vermont Woodworking School. As of summer semester 2012, she is a full-time faculty member. In addition to her literature and writing courses, Jenny will continue to work with students in tutorials and guided independent studies, and to serve as Director of the Writing Center, where she is a great resource for writing projects ranging from job applications to Master’s theses.