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Jessica Allard
Director of Library and Information Services

BA Siena College MS University of Albany


Jessica migrated east to New York state and eventually to Vermont, from Rifle Colorado. It’s no coincidence that the Burlington College Librarian’s hometown is situated at the base of an impressive natural phenomenon called the "Bookcliffs." The lines of sediment and shale were named after their resemblance to the pages of a book.

The Frank Manchel Collection of Cinema Studies books and journals may be one of Burlington College’s premier collections, and Film Studies may be one of the most popular majors at BC, but Jessica Allard is not like the librarians from the movies. Her cheer precedes her down the hall, and she can be heard laughing with her work study students.

Jessica is often found pouring over architectural blue prints for our brand new campus, measuring floor space for book shelves, and designing the student study areas with the best natural light. She is most inspired about evolving the new library into a space students can comfortably study, do research, and just relax. 

Most of all Jessica thrives in the intimate environment of Burlington College, where she has the time to work one on one facilitating research for students. One of her most rewarding experiences was helping a student overcome her fear of the large university library our students have additional borrowing privileges at. Jessica said, “Meet here at 2:30, you drive, and we’ll go find the books.” Soon after walking the student through finding all of the available resources, Jessica learned that the same student had not only overcome her fear of library research, but had taken the initiative to bring two other BC students to the library and show them what she learned the next week.

Jessica is a self-described “nerd” who majored in English and minored in Classical Studies at Sienna College in NY. She finally found her passion for a career in the library sciences after completing her Masters in Information Studies at SUNY Albany.

Before bringing her determined research skills, and vast humanities and social sciences knowledge to the Burlington College Library, Jessica worked with the New York State Small Business Association, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Architectural Library, and the New England Culinary Institute’s Library.

To Jessica it’s the committed work study students who make the library what it is. Her plan is to highlight all of them on the library homepage as a thank you.

“The library work study students are the vitality and commitment to keep the library orderly and open extended hours.” Jessica Allard

Her personal goal is to take any (or preferably all) of the popular Burlington College photography classes, to better document her life here in Vermont for her extended family spread across the rest of the country. First, she’ll just have to find time in between doting on her horse, updating the library website and fox hunting.