Krista Clement - Class of ’09

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Krista Clement - Class of ’09
Bachelor of Arts in Legal and Justice Studies

After graduating, Krista went on to earn her MA in International Development and Policy at Brandeis University. She is currently gender mainstreaming advisor on a project for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in Papua, Indonesia, entitled “Civil Society Leadership in Conflict Transformation.”

Krista works to create women-friendly conflict-prevention management resolution programming, assists in building the capacity of the network and trains staff members in becoming more gender-sensitive in a variety of areas. She advocates for the inclusion of women in government at the provincial and local levels and assists the network with the development of a psychosocial support program for women victims of military and tribal violence.

“I have a deep belief that human beings have a responsibility to make sure that all human beings are treated equally,” Krista wrote in an e-mail. “I now work with organizations that tend to have a greater influence on the political aspect of issues through their development programs.

What’s Next?
More weeks of working 13-hour days, seven days-a-week to achieve her goals toward humanitarian rights and justice.