Learning Agreements

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An important principle of Burlington College’s educational philosophy is that students assume responsibility for both learning and evaluation jointly with their instructors. Learning is evaluated with narrative evaluations. In all learning activities, students and the instructor agree upon a document that guides instruction for the study undertaken. The document is called the Learning Agreement; this also serves as the basis for the narrative evaluation.

The “learning agreement” includes the learning goals, the subject content, and both the grounds and means of evaluating any mode of learning that a student takes for credit. During the first meeting of the semester, the student(s) and the instructor jointly discuss the learning contract. When both agree to its content, the learning contract is in effect. All learning agreements, including those for tutorials, guided independent studies, internships and degree projects are approved provisionally by an academic advisor by the end of the free add/drop period, and, if changed, are again reviewed and approved. A student will receive a ‘no credit’ (NC) if a Learning Agreement is not submitted to the Registrar’s Office with evaluation materials for individualized coursework.