Media Activism

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Media Activism Degree Program Overview

Media Activism can include work spanning Graphic Design, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Documentary, Advocacy and Activism. It combines critical analysis with the theory and practice of making media.  A degree in Media Activism prepares media makers to enter into the necessary public conversations that generate critical thinking and dialogue.

Media Activism teaches people to be active audiences as well as producers. With new, more participatory technologies, the line between consumer and producer is blurring. To be truly media literate now also means to be production literate.

Media Activism recognizes the degree to which mainstream media shapes the dominant consciousness and the ways in which alternative media can lead to new ways of thinking.  Media activism generates citizen-producers committed to creating a more critically engaged public sphere.

The Media Activism degree allows students to focus their area of study in documentary studies, graphic design, film studies photography or activism.

Media Activism Degree Requirements

The degree is conceived explicitly for those who want to become media activists. Through technical training rooted in history and theory, students are encouraged to apply media making technique, craft, and art to issues of advocacy, activism and social change. 

The courses and curriculum are mapped along six goals:

  • History or History and Change
  • Context or Context and Community
  • Society or Society and Culture
  • Criticism
  • Production or Production and Distribution
  • Voice


Required: 12 Credits
COR267- Media Studies                                           
MAC250-History of Media and Activism                
WAL 220-Creative Writing                                       

Required 1 of 3           
CIN201- Video Production (video)                          
GDS201- Graphic Design I (design)                         
PHO240- Photographic Communication (photo)

Electives: 6 credits in each category, 18 must be upper level for a total of 36 credits.
History and Change                                                               
Context and Community                                                          
Society and Culture                                                   
Production and Distribution                                      

Upper Level (300): 12 Credits
WAL331-Search and Research
Internship: 3 credits
Media Activism Degree Project I & II (3 credits each): 6 credits

General Education Requirements

  • Demonstration of proficiency in academic computing
  • Vision and Revision (or assessment of writing sample)
  • Research and Reflection

Evidence of proficiency in the four fundamental learning skills 

  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Researching

3 credits in each of the following areas of the liberal arts 
  • Creative Expression
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Historical Consciousness
  • Media Literacy
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Responsible Action
  • Scientific Thought
  • Social Awareness
Students can focus their area of study in Graphic Design, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Documentaries or Activism.